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Klack Kendamas


The idea for starting Klack Kendamas came to mind about 7 to 8 months ago, while a few of us were having a session at my house.  I have always been someone to push limits to what I can do,  I thought to myself “I bet I can make these”.   That thought sat in my head for weeks, I researched everything I could possibly think of .  I picked up a used lathe from Craigslist, messed around for a few weeks on it getting the basics down, but really only focusing on the shape of the ken.  After realizing I could do it, I decided to go all in and buy all the equipment I would need to hand turn these amazing toys that we all love so much!  It’s never been about the money cause lets face it, a kendama takes about 4 hours to completely finish.  From the ken to the cups, to hand painting the Tama, with this in mind I thought why not offer a completely customizable Tama.

Thus Klack Kendamas was born, we now have all brand new equipment and a shop dedicated to making kendamas.   We strive to also use local products, at this time we are using NC Maple, and Cherry for our kens, and we are still going threw and finding the best wood for our tamas.   As it stands I am the only person turning any wood, or painting any tamas, however that will soon change and I will offer artist series Tamas including Sourmash customs, the future looks bright for us and we are excited to see what it brings.  On that note take a look at what we have to offer , buy some things and get to practicing we will be looking for players to sponsor very soon.

On a side note we also own a screen printing company called Inkbot.  Klack Kendamas and Inkbot share a dedicated building and run as a pair.  Because of this we are able to produce Klack Kendama tshirts, decals, stickers business cards you name it!  The print shop has been open for 4 years now and is going strong! If you would like to check it out go here INKBOT, other wise click the button below and begin shopping.

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